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13.09.2017 | Interview | Kristen Cook “drones will be involved in everything I do”

Kristen Cook is a postdoc researcher in the GFZ section Geomorphology. Coming from ground-based laser techniques we talk to her about how she now mainly uses drones for her research on the surface of the Earth.


31.08.2017 | Interview | Humboldt Awardee Poulomi Ganguli “exited to work on compound extremes”

Since August 2017 Humboldt Postdoc fellow Poulomi Ganguli is working in the GFZ section Hydrology. Staying for two years at the GFZ the hydrologist will address how climate change is affecting the risk of a joint occurrence of storm surges and river floods in the North Sea region, the so-called compound flooding events.


25.08.2017 | Interview | Anne Schöpa zum Bergsturz in der Schweiz „Bergstürze sind ein natürlicher Prozess im Gebirge“

Am 23. August 2017 ging in den Schweizer Alpen ein Bergsturz mit gewaltigen Ausmaßen nieder. Wir sprechen darüber mit Anne Schöpa, Wissenschaftlerin aus der GFZ-Sektion Geomorphologie, sie forscht unter anderem zum Thema Bergstürze.


23.05.2017 | Interview | "The threat is real!“ Alexander Rudloff on tsunamis in the Mediterranean - and how to be prepared

The recently released documentary movie "La Gran Ola" (The Great Wave), with its apocalyptic scenarios makes one sit up and think. According to this film there is great danger of tsunamis in the Mediterranean and adjacent waters. We talk to Alexander Rudloff who contributed to several projects related to Tsunami Early Warning Systems. Is the situation really that serious?


11.05.2017 | Interview | Martin Hammitzsch – „Understanding software as part of the infrastructure“

The software engineer and scientist Martin Hammitzsch contributed to the development of early warning systems for natural hazards. Together with colleagues he organizes software workshops for young scientists since 2015. We talk to him about the relevance of software within the geosciences, current developments, and challenges.


03.04.2017 | Interview | Harald Schuh: "We are close to the millimeter"

Geodesy is the science of surveying the Earth’s surface. But is there anything left to measure since the times of Magellan and Humboldt? We are talking about this question and about modern geodesy with Harald Schuh, Director of GFZ department Geodesy and Head of section Space Geodetic Techniques.


08.03.2017 | Interview | Ute Weckmann "Overcome unconscious biases"

Today’s International Women’s Day provides an opportunity to ask Ute Weckmann, GFZ’s Equal Opportunity Commissioner, about the situation of women in the geosciences in general and specifically at our centre. Ute Weckmann, GFZ section Near-Surface Geophysics, is a scientist and group leader herself.

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