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Satellite measurements of the nutrient content of the oceans. Dots mark places where seaborne measurements were taken. In the southern Pacific a vast area is found where nutrient contents were nonexistent. (Image: GFZ)
Microscope photo of colourized bacteria in deep marine sediment. The size of the bacteria is about 0.5 micrometres. (Image: GFZ)
Large Piston Corer of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on the research vessel R/V Knorr. Up to 40 metres of sediment core can be obtained with this device. (Image: GFZ)
Transmission-electron microscope images of viruses from deep subseafloor sediments. The viruses attach themselves on the surface of microbes and inject their DNA into the cells, which start producing new viruses. (Photo:ICBM-Uni Oldenburg)

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