The GEOFON earthquake information service of the GFZ registered until the end of February 2012 a total of 1538 aftershocks of the Tohoku earthquake of 11 March 2011, including 56 with magnitude 6 and larger. (Image: GFZ)
The source of the earthquake, i.e. the relative displacement between the continental shelves during the quake, can be reconstructed using GPS measurements. (Image: Andreas Hoechner, GFZ)
The measurement at the relevant GEOFON station in Indonesia (Image: GFZ)
The main overview of GEOFON (Image: Winfried Hanka, GFZ)
The right figure shows the slip of the Eurasiean plate relative to the Pacific plate, inverted from the surface displacement data measured by more than 500 GPS stations, which are shown in the left figure. The max. horizontal and vertical GPS displacements are 5.24 m and 1.13 m, respectively. The correlation between the measured and modelled displacements is 99%. The earthquake magnitude (Mw) derived from the slip model is 8.9, in a good agreement with the seismological observation. The small red triangles in the right figure show the volcanoes. So far there is no indication for increased volcano activities (Image: GFZ, Rongjiang Wang and Thomas Walter)
The GEOFON Bulletin shows the location of the epicentre (Image: Winfried Hanka, GFZ)
Map of plate boundarys (Image: GFZ)
Wave heights and isochrones of the Honshu Tsunami. Printable resolution (Image: Andrey Babeyko, GFZ)

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