Delivery and storage of brine for continuous injection into a depth of 630 m, Oct. 2015 (picture: T. Kollersberger, GFZ).
Taking Cores (August 2012) (Image: GFZ)
Drilling in the evening (August 2012) (Image: GFZ)
Drilling in the morning (August 2012) (Image: GFZ)
Guests (Image: GFZ)
Information stands (August 2012) (Image: GFZ)
Experimental space (August 2012) (Image: GFZ)
CO2SINK drilling site (August 2012) (Image: GFZ)
CO2-Storage in Ketzin - Sketch (Image: GFZ)
Meeting of the ZEP Advisory Council (Image: GFZ)
CO2 filling of the tanks (Image: O. Grabe, GFZ)
Filling of the carbon dioxid tank (Image: E. Gantz, GFZ)
Start of injection (30.6.2008) (Image: GFZ)
Vent opening (30.6.2008) (Image: GFZ)
Celebration of the start of injection (30.6.2008) (Image: GFZ)
Start of drillings for CO2SINK Project (Image: VNG, R. Borschinsky)

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