Earthquakes in Chile

Map of the South American Pacific coast of northern Chile and southern Peru, along which the Pacific plate subducts with about 6.7 cm/yr. (Image: B. Schurr, GFZ)
GPS measurements of the displacement vectors (Image: GFZ)
Creepmeter (Image: Pia Victor, GFZ)
Earthquake history of Chile (Image: Manuela Dziggel, GFZ)
Animated sequence of the quakes 02_April_2014 (J.Saul, GFZ)
Mechanism of an Earthquake (Image: Manuela Dziggel, GFZ)
Construction of a geodynamic Observation Station (Image: Bernd Schurr, GFZ)
Geodynamic Observation Stations in Chile (Image: Bernd Schurr, GFZ)
The station PBO7 of IPOC in Chile (Image: Bernd Schurr, GFZ)
Distribution of the Earthquakes (Image: GFZ)
Plate Boundary Observatory Chile (Image: Manuela Dziggel, GFZ)
Rupture Propagation of the Earthquake in Southern Chile, Febr. 2010. Click on the picture to download the animation. (Animation: GFZ)

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