Atmosphere and Ocean De-Aliasing Level-1B (AOD1B) Product

The Atmosphere and Ocean De-Aliasing Level-1B (AOD1B) Product provides a priori information about temporal variations in the Earth's gravity field caused by global mass variability in atmosphere and ocean. It is based on analysis and forecast data of the operational high-resolution global numerical weather prediction (NWP) model from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and ocean bottom pressure from an unconstrained simulation with a global ocean general circulation model that is consistently forced with ECMWF atmospheric data.

Reference Paper
Dobslaw, H., Bergmann-Wolf, I., Dill, R., Poropat, L., Thomas, M., Dahle, C., Esselborn, S., K├Ânig, R., Flechtner, F.: A New High-Resolution Model of Non-Tidal Atmosphere and Ocean Mass Variability for De-Aliasing of Satellite Gravity Observations: AOD1B RL06. Geophysical Journal International, submitted.


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