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(Co-) Author: Ritter, P.

  • Dunlop, M. W., Yang, J.-Y., Yang, Y.-Y., Xiong, C., Lühr, H., Bogdanova, Y. V., Shen, C., Olsen, N., Zhang, Q.-H., Cao, J.-B., Fu, H.-S., Liu, W.-L., Carr, C. M., Ritter, P., Masson, A., Haagmans, R. (2015): Simultaneous field-aligned currents at Swarm and Cluster satellites. - Geophysical Research Letters, 42, 10, p. 3683-3691.

  • Živković, T., Buchert, S., Ritter, P., Palin, L., Opgenoorth, H. (2015): Investigation of energy transport and thermospheric upwelling during quiet magnetospheric and ionospheric conditions from the studies of low- and middle-altitude cusp. - Annales Geophysicae, 33, p. 623-635.

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