Department 3: Geochemistry

The personnel of the Department investigates the sources, sinks and rates of change of inorganic and organic chemical species in System Earth from deep to shallow, past and present and how they influence transport, transformation or relocation of matter and formation of deposits. The chemical processes under study are highly complex in their heterogeneity over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales, with physical and biological agents playing key roles for transport and as catalysts. Within our research we also address mineral and hydrocarbon resources in the context of plate tectonics and paleoclimate.

The research of Department 3 is organised in four sections:


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Prof. Dr. Michael Kühn
Fluid Systems Modelling

tel. +49 331 288-1594

Department Coordination

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Dr.-Ing. Sonja Martens
Fluid Systems Modelling

tel. +49 331 288-1965


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Jenny Meistring
Assistance of Fluid Systems Modelling

tel. +49 331 288-1581