Department 5: Geoarchives

Director: Prof. Dr. Achim Brauer

The Earth's surface is the interface at which the solid Earth, the atmosphere, the biosphere and the hydrosphere meet and interact. At the same time it provides a habitat for various living forms, spanning from microorganisms to the human beings. Natural variations and human interventions in the landscape and in water and matter cycles lead to changes on the skin of the Earth and feed back into the overall geosystem. These changes leave their marks (fingerprints) in various geoarchives such as lake sediments, organic matter rich soils and sediments, tree rings as well as in the entire landscapes. Our Department encompasses the expertise in deciphering the high-resolution geoarchives as well as in the measuring and modelling the processes and interactions at the Earth’s surface and in the deeper sediments at the recent and geological time scales. We attempt a better understanding of the Earth surface processes and at the same time deliver the fundamental knowledge for the development of adaptation strategies to the changing environment and for risk reduction to the human society.

The research of Department 5 is organised in five sections:


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Prof. Dr. Achim Brauer
Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution

Building C, room 324
14473 Potsdam
tel. +49 331 288-1330

Department Referee

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Dr. Sergiy Vorogushyn

Building C 4, room 2.04
14473 Potsdam
tel. +49 331 288-1338


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Christine Gerschke
Assistance of Climate Dynamics and Landscape Evolution

Building C, room 325
14473 Potsdam
tel. +49 331 288-1331