Technology transfer at the GFZ - the central institution for innovation, business collaboration and transfer activities

We organize and support the commercial application and marketing of research results from the sections and centres of the GFZ and support scientists and academics throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to the active marketing of services and products.

We are a point of contact for innovative topics and coordinate networks with partners from the economy.

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Services for technology transfer and innovation management

We support the transfer of innovative geotechnologies to utilization and application. In doing so, we provide consultation for inquirers from the economy at every step, from first contact to a customized industry workshop at the GFZ, to the presentation of a working prototype at trade fairs and congresses.

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Offers for commercial application

The geotechnologies, services, information and infrastructures listed here are available to economic and collaboration partners.  They are subject to a charge in some cases.

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Using the GFZ infrastructure

Various contact partners are available for the external use of GFZ research infrastructure.

  • Scientific infrastructure
  • Technology transfer centres
  • Data, products, services

Application fields and topics

Research at the GFZ is focussed on following application fields, among others:

  • Geoinformation (provision and utilisation concepts)
  • Natural disaster management
  • Land use management
  • Georesources (development, use) and
  • Geotechnologies.

Successful spin-offs

We have a history of numerous successful spin-off efforts, from companies like OmniRecs, to the production and distribution of seismic recorders, to Gempa, a solution provider (services & data) for the geomonitoring of natural events.

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Strategic alignment

The transfer of knowledge, results and technologies in society, politics and economy is an integral part of the GFZ strategy, through which the centre plays an important role in social and political information and consultation, as well as in the innovation process.

Against the background of its proven research strength, the GFZ pursues the following objectives in the context of the transfer of knowledge and technologies in economically relevant areas:

  • Generation of economic benefits by working closely with industry partners and associations
  • Expansion of new and support for existing relationships with economic partners here and abroad, with the aim of the development and introduction of market innovations
  • Enhance the attractiveness of the GFZ for scientists and scholars through participation in current and market-relevant fields, as well as through incentives in the context of the application of results


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