Underground laboratory KTB Windischeschenbach

Unique in-situ deep laboratory (up to 6,500 m) for borehole experiments, measurements and tests in Windischeschenbach, Oberpfalz (Bavaria).

The KTB underground laboratory (KTB-TL) of the GFZ Potsdam in Windischeschenbach is a unique facility for a wide variety of experiments, tests and measurements under in-situ borehole conditions.

The KTB underground laboratory consists of two adjacent, deep holes (4 km & 9.1 km) in the crystalline bedrock. Here you can perform deep, long and unusual borehole experiments on optimum conditions and with low costs. In addition to the more than 20 years of secure and monitored boreholes, other highlights include the easy accessibility of the location (only 5 km away from the next motorway junction), the simple and easy accessibility of the bore holes, and an extensive infrastructure.

Both boreholes can be used and are available for scientific and commercial application with equipment from the GFZ (if required).


Typical application The following applications are on offer with ideal and unique test conditions to test scientific and technical methods:

  • Development of geophysical measuring methods and technical equipment under in-situ conditions
  • In-situ testing of sensors and housings at great depths, under high temperature and high pressure (D ≤ 6700 m, T ≤ 190 °C, p ≤ 67 MPa)
  • Testing of new cable technologies
  • Multi-day repeat measurements or tests in one or both holes, e.g. drill cables (cable seasoning) up to a length of 6.7 km
  • Verification of measurements of new and existing probes in boreholes with the best of characteristics, proven by many measurements
  • Implementation of borehole measurements with third-party or GFZ equipment

Framework conditions

  • Two logging winches are available for both boreholes with standard 7-core logging cables and Schlumberger 31-pin or GO7/GO4 connections
  • A workshop equipped for logging probes is available
  • The large size of the boreholes at the deep KTB-HB enables the insertion of prototypes of unusual sizes
  • The light borehole fluids are moderately corrosive with a slightly higher salinity than sea water and low hydrogen content (mainly nitrogen & methane)
  • The close proximity of both boreholes of only 200 m simplifies the logistics for cross-hole experiments, for example

Cost of commercial use

The KTB-TL boreholes can be used on a daily basis (minimum two days). The cost for use without GFZ equipment is €2,500 per day; the cost with the additional use of GFZ winches is €3,200 per day.

Please note: Scientific and academic use of the boreholes is prioritized; for this reason, it is not always possible to guarantee use for commercial application. We request that you contact us early and we would be happy to help.