Welcome Center Potsdam

Service for foreign researchers

Welcome Center Potsdam offers a wide range of services to our foreign researchers, their families and hosts, and to other guests from abroad. 

The GFZ office of the Welcome Center is located in the GeoLab in building A27, room 107, just on top of the hill Telegrafenberg. 

For a short term visit or for a permanent stay with GFZ, Welcome Center services will be useful for almost all of our foreign colleagues and their families, offering:

  • individual consultation and support
  • assistance in applying for a visa/ residence permit
  • registration assistance for insurance
  • assistance in finding a flat for your stay
  • information on language courses, cultural events and sights to see
  • assistance with registering your child/children for kindergarten or school
  • contact information to other guest researchers

Before your return, the Welcome Center assists you with:

  • a checklist of important steps prior to departure
  • official notice of departure to the Citizens’ Service Office
  • terminating the lease to your flat
  • contact information to other alumni

 In close cooperation with the Potsdam townhall:

  • official registration with the Citizens’ Service Office, change of registration upon change of accommodations, and notice of departure
  • application for certificates of good conduct (Führungszeugnisse)
  • acceptance of declarations of commitment (Verpflichtungserklärungen)
  • day-care and schooling in Potsdam

Foreign scientists and also their hosts at GFZ are cordially invited to contact:

Ms. Frauke Stobbe
Building A27 "Grosser Refraktor", Room 107
Phone: 2326 (from outside the campus: +49-331-288-2326)
E-mail: welcome(at)gfz-potsdam.de


Welcome Center - GFZ Office

Office hours:

Monday 10:00-12:00 and 13.00-15.00,

Wednesday 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00

and by appointment


Flyer Welcome Center (Download PDF)