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The research of the working group “GNSS IGS Analysis Centre” focuses on the analysis of signals from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) for the purpose of determination of precise satellite...
Section 1.2 routinely estimates various Earth system parameters which describe the Earth's geometrical and physical shape (ground station coordinates or gravity field spherical harmonic...

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for the sub-project 3 “From small to extreme floods” of the new DFG Research Unit “Space-time Dynamics of Extreme Floods SPATE” ( The Research Unit investigates in seven...

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Für die Abteilung “Allgemeine und Technische Dienste“ suchen wir ein/e

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Diese Ausschreibung richtet sich vorrangig an Schüler(innen), die ihr Betriebspraktikum in der 9. Klasse am GFZ absolvieren wollen.

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