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The aims of this project are to develop a quantitative and mechanistic understanding of rock damage accumulation and annealing in response to cyclic forcing, and to better determine the relation...
The GFZ hosts at the Centre for Scientific Drilling the Operational Support Group (OSG) of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP). The OSG serves the scientific community...
as Senior Scientist to develop efficient monitoring protocols and practicable conformance assessment methods for industrial operators of CO2 storage sites.

Doctorate Positions

We seek a promising young scientist to pursue PhD research in the field of local earthquake tomography in order to resolve the deep structure of the Central Alps at high resolution. This involves...

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Diese Ausschreibung richtet sich vorrangig an Schüler(innen), die ihr Betriebspraktikum in der 9. Klasse am GFZ absolvieren wollen.

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